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8 Benefits of Red Light Therapy for Weight Loss

Losing weight is a great goal. It will give you an attractive body and improve your health. Red light therapy uses low-level laser therapy to remove stubborn fat that exercise and diet cannot.

How Often Should You Use Red Light Therapy for Weight Loss?

Red light therapy uses low-intensity near-infrared and red light. It treats cosmetic and medical conditions by going deep into your body cells, stimulating healing in a non-invasive and painless way.

Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy for Neck Pain

Cold laser therapy is a non-invasive procedure involving low-level light to treat various conditions. The therapy reduces pain and inflammation. It strengthens tissues, accelerating the healing process. Chiropractors at South Bay Wellness Center & Chiropractic use it in combination with other treatments to provide pain relief without medication or surgery.

Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy for Neuropathy

Neuropathy is weakness, numbness, and pain that results from nerve damage. You will usually feel these symptoms in your hands or feet. A common cause of neuropathy is diabetes, which impairs the flow of blood supply to the nerves. With it, your nerve fibers will give you a burning, stabbing, or tingling feeling.

Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy for Back Pain

Cold laser therapy is a treatment that employs light energy set at levels lower than standard lasers. Also known as low-level laser therapy (LLLT), the light-based therapy is designed to stimulate healing for back pain and other chronic conditions.

Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy for Knee Pain

Cold laser therapy, or low-level laser therapy (LLLT), is an alternative treatment that involves light energy. It reduces inflammation and pain in different body parts, including the knees. Unlike other lasers that produce heat, cold laser therapy uses light. It helps to understand the benefits of cold laser therapy for knee pain.

Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy for Shoulder Pain

The word cold here signifies the use of low light levels that do not heat body tissues. When you compare it to other laser therapies, the light level in cold laser therapy is significantly low.

How Long After an Injury Should You Go to the Doctor?

Whether you are a safe driver or a cautious athlete, accidents happen. They may occur when no one is at fault and are sometimes unavoidable. So, how should you react after suffering an injury? It is imperative to try and stay calm. Although it is hard to control, panicking may lead to confusion. If there are others involved, confirm if they are okay.

What Conditions Does Spinal Decompression Treat

Many people have experienced neck, back, or sciatic nerve pain at some point or another. At the onset of the pain, people usually resort to anti-inflammatory medication. The medication may help at some point, but it is not the most reliable solution for chronic or long-term pain.