Cold laser therapy is a non-invasive procedure involving low-level light to treat various conditions. These include:

  • Neck pain

  • Back pain

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Tendinitis

  • Temporomandibular jaw disorder

The therapy reduces pain and inflammation. It strengthens tissues, accelerating the healing process. Chiropractors at South Bay Wellness Center & Chiropractic use it in combination with other treatments to provide pain relief without medication or surgery.


What Is Cold Laser Therapy?

It is a therapy that applies low outputs and wavelengths of light for healing. The chiropractor applies the low-level light directly to the treatment area. The body tissue absorbs it and initiates a physiological reaction that promotes the regeneration of damaged cells.

The low-level light does not produce heat, so you will rarely feel anything. Some patients report feeling a tingling sensation during treatment, but most feel nothing at all! The tingling sensation may be due to blood flow increase to the treatment area.


How Does It Work?

The cold laser therapy device emits high frequency but low levels of photons. As such, it does not heat or cut your skin. The chiropractor directs the device over the treatment area and applies the light. It penetrates through the body tissue with discrete photon pulses.

The photons then interact with the light-sensitive parts of the cells. In turn, the photo acceptors stimulate the production of intracellular energy. This begins the healing process, repairing tissue damage and reducing pain and inflammation.


How Does It Relieve Neck Pain?

As the chiropractor applies different outputs and wavelengths of low-level light to your neck, the body absorbs it. The energy passes through the layers of skin to reach its target. The light particles work with the photo acceptors to start the process of repairing tissue damage. The interactions happen at a cellular level. It releases endorphins, which reduce inflammation.

You may need several treatments before you start noticing anything significant. During this time, cell regeneration continues with the growth of new cells and the repair of old ones. As you heal, inflammation decreases with your pain. You will experience increased blood circulation, allowing white blood cells and nutrients to reach target areas faster and speed up healing.


Benefits of the Therapy

There are many benefits of using this therapy for neck pain. They include:


  • Non-invasive

The procedure is non-invasive—there is no surgery involved. There are no surgeons to cut or wound your body, so no pain and complications. It does not emit heat, so no skin burns.


  • Promotes Tissue Regeneration

The therapy repairs old cells while encouraging the growth of new ones. The regeneration stimulates the repair of ligaments, muscles, tendons, and nerves. It increases the number of stem cells for fast healing.


  • Reduction of Inflammation

The therapy does this through the process of vasodilation. It widens blood vessels, causing their muscular walls to relax. This allows cellular debris to move along the channels, permitting the flow of oxygen and nutrients. It activates the lymphatic system, allowing for the reduction of inflammation. When inflammation reduces so does pain.

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