The word cold here signifies the use of low light levels that do not heat body tissues. When you compare it to other laser therapies, the light level in cold laser therapy is significantly low.

The shoulder can lose its ability to move as it should when scar tissue forms because it is a moving joint. Injury on the shoulder also causes pain that cold laser therapy can treat. Here’s more about cold laser therapy and the benefits of using it on shoulder pain.

How It Works

During treatment, your clinician will apply different wavelengths of low-level light to your shoulder. Your body tissue will absorb the light. The near-infrared and red light will initiate a reaction that promotes cell regeneration.

You will sense the device emitting the laser as it touches your skin throughout the treatment. However, this non-invasive procedure is painless. You will not feel any heat, vibration, or sound. The treatment takes a short while.

Reduces Pain

An injured shoulder can be very painful. You may not be so active because the shoulder pain prevents you from being so. Fortunately, getting a cold laser therapy can relieve your pain fast. The laser blocks the pain receptors of the brain for quick relief. Most patients report significant pain relief after their first treatment session.

You do not have to take opioids for your shoulder pain because of the effectiveness of cold laser therapy. Prescription painkillers can only mask the pain and make you addicted to them. Some have side effects of fatigue, where you may have to take time off your daily activities to rest. Cold laser therapy does not disrupt the rhythm of your life; it reduces your pain without side effects or the need for drugs to supplement.

Reduces Inflammation

When a part of your body gets an injury, swelling occurs. The body reacts by sending white blood cells and blood to the injured shoulder. However, this makes tissue regeneration difficult. Inflammation on your shoulder also increases pain and limits your range of motion.

Cold laser therapy is beneficial because it reduces inflammation significantly and quickly. As a result, your shoulder pain subsides, letting you carry out your usual activities with ease.

Speeds Up Healing

The process allows the regenerated cells in your body to actualize healing faster than they would. Your chiropractor will train the laser on your injured shoulder. It will penetrate through the skin as the tissues absorb the energy wavelengths. In doing so, there will be a reaction that will cause regeneration of your body cells to promote healing.

Non-invasive Treatment

Most people worry about having to go through surgery after getting an injury. The side effects of a surgical procedure and the recovery time are undesirable. The good news is that cold laser therapy is comfortable and non-invasive.

You will not need to worry about pain during the treatment session. You also do not require recovery time as you would after surgery. Also, cold laser therapy does not have any known side effects.

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