Red light therapy uses low-intensity near-infrared and red light. It treats cosmetic and medical conditions by going deep into your body cells, stimulating healing in a non-invasive and painless way.


It activates an agent that helps the skin absorb more light. As the skin absorbs light and lets it penetrates the cells, the body heals itself.


How Does It Work?


The low-intensity near-infrared and red light activates the mitochondria, the cell’s energy generators. The activation causes the mitochondria to produce more adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP houses the energy the cell needs. So the more ATP, the more fuel production for the body.


Illness, aging, or lifestyle causes the mitochondria to produce less ATP. Red light therapy reverses the decline and initiates the production of more ATP.


Red Light Therapy and Weight Loss


Red light therapy helps with body sculpting. It does not deal with critical weight loss but helps reshape and contour the body. It will help you eliminate excess fat and get rid of extra skin.


The loss of excess fat is significant, and you may realize you have lost some weight when you weigh yourself. However, you will also need to change your lifestyle. Adopt good eating habits and exercise to keep the weight off.


How Often Should You Use the Therapy?


There is no straightforward answer because there is no dosage that fits everyone. There are several factors to consider before answering the question. Find what works for you. You will need to consider:


Overall Health


It should be the first factor that you put under the microscope. Poor health can cause the results to take time as the body will need to heal. You may need to go for more sessions when you are in poor health. But if you stick it out and are patient, you will reap the benefits.




Age compromises your immunity, health, and hormones. It causes the general functions of your body to slow down. The body cannot heal itself as fast as it could before. It also affects the condition and elasticity of your skin. Hence, body shaping and contouring take more sessions than they would if you were younger.


Light Sensitivity


Some people are more sensitive to light than others. Although red light therapy rarely has any side effects, some people may react. It is especially so for those with light-sensitive skin. Red light therapy may cause skin tightness and redness. To reduce these side effects, you may need to reduce the time in red light therapy.


Remember that your skin tone, color, and thickness can affect the absorption of the red-light photons. Hence, you may need to move away from the device or reduce your time. You may also need to reduce your treatment time to avoid the side effects.


Can One Go Overboard?


You can have red light therapy 24 hours a day and it would not harm your skin if it is sensitive. You can never have too much of it. Adjust things as you move along to find the optimal time and number of sessions for your body.


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