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San Jose chiropractor, Dr. Jay Ebadat, welcomes you to experience thorough healing on a whole new level. With unparalleled care, discover your best health at South Bay Wellness Center. You can trust that our caring team will support you in every way we can. Your care is one-on-one, focused on your needs so you get the exact care you deserve.

Through chiropractic care, cold laser therapy, spinal decompression, massage therapy and auto accident care, we welcome you to heal and live the life you deserve. We’ll spend as much time as we need to help you get your health back so you can get on the path to wellness.

Health for the Whole Family

From newborns to 99 year olds, you’re never too young or too old to enjoy better health. We’re here to help you heal and feel your best, offering the best care possible. We offer:

  • The newest technology – Everything up-to-date to help you find relief and heal
  • Personalized care – Care customized to your needs and preferences
  • Convenient location – Easy to locate with handicap parking and long office hours
  • Flexible financing – Payment plans, insurance coverage, CareCredit and cash discounts

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10,000 Healthy Patients and Counting

In practice since 1995, Dr. Ebadat has helped 10,000 patients get healthier! We will ensure you are happy with your care, that you’re comfortable and that you know you’re truly cared for. We promise to put all of our experience and knowledge into our efforts to help you find health.

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Serving the communities of San Jose, Cupertino, Santa Clara, West San Jose, and surrounding areas.

Meet the Team

Learn Who We Are

  • Meet Fabiola
    Office Manager

    Fabiola is our Office Manager. She is the first face you’ll see when you come into the office. She loves the outdoors, spending time with family, and caring for our patients’ well-being.

  • Meet Cindy
    Patient Care Coordinator

    Cindy is our Patient Care Coordinator. She is responsible for patient check-in and always ensures that patients are happy with their visit. In her spare time, Cindy likes to stay in shape, ride horses, and spend time with family and friends.   We look forward to serving you.

  • Dr. Jay Ebadat

    Having leg pain, joint pain or back pain?
    San Jose Chiropractor, Dr. Jay Ebadat is the one to look for!

    A highly experienced and caring chiropractor in San Jose like Dr. Jay Ebadat can provide the kind of chiropractic care that gives relief to a host of problems and conditions. His safe and natural approach can help treat not only aches and pains but also the various health issues linked to them.

    Delivering Quality Chiropractic Care for over 23 years

    Through his use of highly effective techniques, the headaches and back pain San Jose Bay Area patients experience can become a thing of the past. San Jose chiropractic patients under the care of Dr. Jay Ebadat have found their pain to be far more manageable after undergoing chiropractic treatments.

    I started my career as a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1993. Upon graduation, for 2 years I worked at multi-discipline clinics. In August, 1995 I established Ultimate Health Chiropractic.

    I believe in the body’s ability to heal itself!

    Chiropractic is a natural way to facilitate the process. I am committed to help you reach that goal. The belief that the South Bay Wellness Center staff lives up to is to care for you as we would our own. I am extremely proud of my office staff as they share my dedication to the health and well being of all our patients.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I highly recommend Dr. Jay Ebadat!
    The first time I went to see him I could hardly walk due to a back injury I’d suffered that day. I chose his office because it had excellent reviews online. Dr. Jay immediately fit me into his schedule, although I was a new patient. I didn’t have to wait when I got there; Dr. Jay brought me back right when I hobbled in. Prior to this visit, I’d never gotten adjusted regularly. After Dr. Jay adjusted me, I was able to walk out of his office and my intense pain was significantly alleviated. I have since seen the doctor three consecutive times, and I’ve booked my appointments for the rest of the year! I’ve become a regular!!! The most important point is that after each visit, I feel better and am able to stand taller and function more properly, and I have Dr. Jay to thank for this!"
    Theresa K., Patient
  • "Quality Chiropractic
    I believe that your holistic philosophy, empathy, expertise, and high level of uncompromising integrity all contribute toward the unique and superior quality of care you provide to me, as well as the rest of your patients. I also deeply appreciate all the different approaches and therapies you include in your treatment process in order to provide optimal relief and healing.

    I know I have often kidded you, but I want you to know that I very sincerely mean it when I tell you that you are the “Nordstroms” of Chiropractors. I consider myself very fortunate to have found you. And I am especially glad you are younger than I am, because I intend to keep coming to you for routine health maintenance for the rest of my life."
    Sheri P., Patient
  • "Lower Back Pain
    I injured my lower back two years ago and was sent to the Kaiser Occupational Medical clinic where I was given traction, exercises, and anti-inflammatory, pain-killing and muscle relaxant drugs. After a few months they pronounced me cured and stopped treatment. My toes were still numb and I had thigh, calf, and foot cramps many times every night. Also, I often had to assist my leg into the car and had to sit to put on pants.

    Fortunately, I re-injured my back carrying heavy boxes. My employer sent me back to the same clinic. I told the doctors that their method had not really fixed my back and that I would like to be sent to a chiropractor. They tried to dissuade me with “re-injury” and “too much time since…” talk, but I was finally allowed to visit a chiropractor. Since coming to Dr. Ebadat , my pain is minimal, my muscles cramp only infrequently and whenever I can’t lift my leg, all I need is an adjustment and I’m back to normal."
    Barbara G., Patient
  • "Neck Pain
    How can I ever thank you enough for all you have done? As you know, I was involved in an auto accident with a bus. I experienced may symptoms, especially in the neck region. After care under my primary care physician, and physical therapy, I was still suffering with a great deal of neck pain and other symptoms involving my shoulder, arm and face. My condition progressed to the point that I even having difficulty holding my coffee mug.
    Upon being under your chiropractic care and treatments, a number of my symptoms have disappeared, diminished and improvement of my overall being has transpired. It’s amazing to experience the immediate results and relief after an adjustment. Your treatments have given me great relief, without the traditional medical care of pain killers, surgery and their side effects."
    Shirley S., Patient

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