8 Benefits of Red Light Therapy for Weight Loss

Losing weight is a great goal. It will give you an attractive body and improve your health. Red light therapy uses low-level laser therapy to remove stubborn fat that exercise and diet cannot.


How Does It Work?


The infrared or red light passes through the skin deep into the tissue and the cells. It stimulates the mitochondria, which are the cell's powerhouse. They produce more adenosine triphosphate (ATP) that carries the energy the cell needs. The production of more ATP gives you more energy to work out and burn more fat.


The process also temporarily breaks down part of the cell membrane. It allows the fat in the cells to leach out into the space between the cells. The cell shrinks, and the body removes the fat through the natural waste removal process.


Benefits of Red Light Therapy


There are many benefits of red light therapy. Here are a few of them.


  • No Downtime


Unlike surgical procedures that will need you to take some time out to heal, red light therapy involves no downtime. The dermatologist or clinician will place the laser on the treatment area for 10 to 40 minutes. Depending on the recommendation, you will need about six sessions to see results. You can resume your normal activities immediately after a session.


  • Non-invasive


Having someone cut into your body for any reason can be scary. It is also painful, with the possibility that your body may never be the same. The invasiveness of surgery can deter you from using it to lose those few extra pounds. However, red light therapy is non-invasive. There is no pain or the possibility of scarring.


  • Sculpting and Contouring


Whether you increase the intensity of your workout or change your diet, some pounds refuse to go. It can be frustrating, and many people may give up. Red light therapy targets this fat in a natural and non-invasive way that changes the way your body looks. It makes your waistline smaller and tightens your hips and thighs. It sculpts and contours your body.


  • Weight and Obesity Control


Those few extra pounds can cause issues with weight control. They can be frustrating, causing you to give up on dieting and exercise. But when you incorporate red light therapy, you get more energy to exercise, helping you shed those extra pounds. You can control your weight and keep obesity at bay.


  • Extra Energy


After months and years of working out, you may feel worn out when you think about hitting the gym. But if you hit the gym after a red light therapy session, you will notice that you have more energy. ATP gives you the extra fuel you need to push beyond your limits.


  • Painless


Red light therapy is painless. It also does not produce any heat. So it is unlikely that you will have burns or any other painful side effects.


  • Less Cellulite


Part of the fat you burn is in the subcutaneous skin layer. The fat in this layer, or cellulite, results from lacking enough collagen. Red light therapy stimulates collagen production as it gets rid of cellulite.


  • Production of Collagen


Collagen production makes your skin bounce back. It becomes firmer, thicker, and regains elasticity. You will look youthful and more attractive. Collagen production also gives your skin a soft feel and texture.


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