Light fuels energy, which is necessary for all life’s work and processes. While exercise and nutrition play a critical role in your health and well-being, light is essential for functioning optimally. Research is unearthing a clearer understanding of how cells work. Compelling evidence points to the incredible healing power of light. 


Red Light Therapy

According to numerous clinical studies, RLT is a natural and safe way to accelerate the healing process for surgical incisions, wounds, burns, and scars. Many patients recovering from medical procedures and injuries report faster healing and less inflammation and pain when using this treatment. 

The body reacts to specific light wavelengths that benefit it in various ways. Red light therapy uses low-wavelength red light to stimulate adenosine triphosphate production within the mitochondria. Increased ATP triggers faster healing of damaged cells and the production of new ones. 


How Does It Stimulate and Expedite Healing?

The body is pretty miraculous at healing itself. Unfortunately, the healing process does not always go as planned. Delayed or suppressed healing can make your body more vulnerable to infection, prolonged pain, loss of mobility, scarring, and other complications. 

You have an open wound whenever your skin breaks due to a puncture, cut, scrape, or scratch. Internal injuries affect cartilage, blood vessels, and vital organs. The failure of any of these wounds to heal properly can have severe consequences. 

Researchers believe that red light therapy triggers the mitochondria, which power the body cells. Cells do their work more efficiently with more energy. That includes repairing skin, enhancing skin rejuvenation, and boosting new cell growth. Furthermore, light wavelengths stimulate specific body cells to work more efficiently. 


How RLT Works in Skin Health

Red light therapy stimulates fibroblast production, which in turn increases collagen production. Collagen gives your skin its elasticity, strength, and structure. RLT also reduces inflammation in cells and improves blood circulation to the tissues. 


Recharging the Body From Within

The mitochondria are at the core of your body’s healing capabilities. They play a critical role in your tissues and internal organs, including the muscles, heart, liver, and skin. Furthermore, they provide energy to the body and maintain the growth and cell cycle. That is why researchers refer to them as the powerhouse of the cell. 

During red light therapy, light wavelengths produced by an RLT device penetrate the skin and cells into the mitochondria. The chromophores absorb the light, resulting in stimulating activity. RLT works to heal the entire body and functions on the following levels:


  • Molecular
  • Calcium
  • Cellular
  • Tissue


Expediting the Healing Process

Healing occurs at the cellular level, so you cannot rush the process. However, you can make specific processes more efficient. For example, skin cells replicate about once a month. If you suffer a wound, your body will create skin cells simultaneously, but they will still need time to set into their proper places and grow. 

RLT can optimize the process of growing new skin by supporting efficient mitochondrial functioning. So, skin cells will be less vulnerable to infection and healthier, even if they do not grow faster. Red light therapy removes obstacles to healing, such as poor circulation, built-up waste, mitochondrial dysfunction, and oxidative stress. That helps expedite healing. 



Groundbreaking studies suggest that the body operates like a battery. Light wavelengths power your body, while overall health determines your ability to receive and maintain energy. That is where red light therapy, or RLT, comes into the equation. 

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