Suffering from neuropathic pain significantly affects the quality of life that you have. In severe cases, having a normal day is almost impossible. Moreover, neuropathic pain tends to worsen at night, especially when going to sleep. 


A while back, patients who reported having worse pain at night were thought to be imagining the pain. However, a study from the Comprehensive Pain Center suggests the pain is not in your head. If you have neuropathic pain and it worsens at night, read on to learn what causes it and what can help you ease it.


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What Makes Neuropathic Pain Worse at Night?


  • Distractions


One of the main reasons your experience of neuropathic pain seems to be enhanced at night is the lack of distractions. During the day, you are busy paying attention to different activities. It leaves little time to focus on the pain you are feeling. 


At night, you are not focusing on any particular thing or working. It means that your mind can focus on the body and, more specifically, the sensations of the body. However, no studies have been done to test this theory yet.


  • Temperature


Another factor that may affect neuropathic pain at night is temperature. At night, the body lowers its internal temperature to allow you to sleep. Sometimes, our bedrooms are also cooler than other parts of the house. The nerves in your body may interpret the low temperatures as pain signals. Consequentially, your experience of pain becomes enhanced.


  • Stress


Stress has a significant effect on our perception of pain. When you are stressed, your experience of pain is usually amplified. It will affect your mental and physical well-being.


  • Medication


You may need to change the timing of your medication. Some medication may wear out faster, meaning your pain will be active before you get to sleep.


What Can You Do to Ease Neuropathic pain?


  • Manage Your Diabetes


One of the leading causes of neuropathy is diabetes. If you have diabetic neuropathic pain, one of the things you can do to ease the pain is to regulate your sugar levels. It is the best and most effective treatment of diabetic neuropathic pain.


  • Exercise


Exercise is one of the most versatile activities you can do. It promotes blood flow to all body parts, including the feet. According to research, regular exercise expands the blood vessels that feed the nerves and feet. They can nourish the damaged nerves more effectively. 


You do not have to start with extreme exercises. A walk in the evening can begin to do wonders for you.


  • Soak Your Feet


Another strategy to help with your pain is soaking your feet before you sleep. It is the least expensive and easiest home remedy for neuropathic pain. Soaking your feet in warm water will increase blood flow to the feet. It also helps lower stress levels. The water should not be too hot, so you do not incur any burns.


  • Alcohol


It would be best to avoid using alcohol, especially in large amounts. Alcohol can damage nerves and make neuropathic pain more intense. Some medical professionals say you can have four drinks per week if you must partake.


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