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South Bay Wellness Center Reviews

I have seen Dr.Jay for 3 months now after we met with an accident.

Dr. Jay has been very kind, accommodating and very sincere in advising us particular treatments and exercises. He is very patient in hearing and understanding our concerns. The staff is also very friendly and attentive to your needs.

They have been very flexible in terms of appointments and rescheduling as well.

The best part i liked was the adjustments provided by Dr. Jay and the massages which are very relaxing. He was supportive and accommodated us even when we had issues with the Attorney regarding insurance coverage. I would highly recommend this place to anyone to who needs help with pain and treatment and speedy recovery. Thank you Dr. Jay!​​​​​​​

Subash N.

I always feel like a whole new person walking out of there. Dr Jay is the best and the office assistants are very friendly!! I go back as much as I can to getvthe treatments and adjustments.

Rosa P.

I am 69 years old and for the past year have been having neck and back pain. I heard about one Chiropractic business and gave it a try for one week. I could feel the difference with my pain lessening, but I did not care for this business's overall philosophy or their way of setting up payment, plus it was too far from my home. So then I called South Bay Wellness Center on Saratoga Avenue! I talked with Dr. Jay Ebadat. I liked his answers to my questions and have now had 3 Chiro sessions. I like the results and this service is a much better fit for my needs. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who needs relief from any kind of pain or discomfort--or just to maintain good health. Because these adjustments keep your Central Nervous System in good working condition which maintains every part of our bodies!

Pam S.

I have been to many chiropractors over the last 10 years and Dr. Jay is by far the best one I have ever had. I have had headaches for about a month and a half and after my first visit, I was without a headache the day after. He looked at my x-rays and walked me through what the best form of care would be for me to heal. He cares about his patients and his only goal is to have you walking out of the office feeling better. I had many questions and he patiently answered all of them. He thoroughly explained why my body was having pain and what he suggested to fix it. He is very knowledgeable and can look at the big picture, not just the symptom. If you are looking for a chiropractor, I highly recommend him.

Jess R.

Dr. Jay was so gentle and effective. I barely felt him out any pressure on me. Sounded like fireworks in my neck and back. I am coming here for migraine help. I felt light on my feet after the adjustment . I raved about my tx to my husband that he wants to come here too.

Lynne M.

I came in with horrible back aches that had been ongoing for years, I went online and I found this place by searching top chiropractor centers, and I am glad I came in, just for the first check up with X-rays and I left with my back relieved of stress and pain. After checking my X-rays I was able to see why my back was so bad. Dr. Ebadat is currently helping me in recovering my spine, I have just started my second week and after my session today I feel a lot better than what I did a week ago, every time I complete a session I feel greater than what I did walking in.I highly recommend this place. Everyone who is feeling pain should give him at least 1 visit especially if you are feeling any pain. Everyone should take care of their backs to avoid problems later in the future!

Gustavo A.

I have been having sporadic yet intense neck sprains (I can't move for days) over several years. I always took painkillers and waited it out to pass. Last year, I finally decided to get treatment. Since then, I have been seeing Dr. Jay and I must say I haven't got the sprains even once after I started chiropractic treatment. Of course, there's some pain but that's why I'm coming here in the first place. His treatment is not a temporary fix and it takes time to correct your bone structure and posture. Patience is the key and yes, it will cost you. But think of all that you would be saving in terms of money and pain if you later on have to get surgery. I can already feel I'm getting better and I hope to fully recover soon. I get their massages too, which are very soothing. Not just Dr. Jay, but their entire staff is very friendly and helpful. I believe everyone should give SBWC a chance!

Monisha M.

I had a nagging lower back injury and went to Jay because I had gone there in 2012 and received great treatment. This time was no different. Jay and his staff are very professional, friendly and helpful. My back is almost healed and I am now especially getting great strengthening help from Sheila, who is interning there prior to her chiropractor board license exam later in the year. I very highly recommend!

Kenneth M.

Friendly and accommodating staff, they strive to make the experience relaxing, comfortable and rewarding. Dr. Jay Ebadat is very comprehensive and will take everything into account in order to create the best treatment plan for you. The best in their field are those who have experienced pain themselves and therefore better know how to help the individual. Thank you SBWC Team!

Emily G.

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