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Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain. It can result from incorrect walking, running or even standing and causes improper biomechanics. Putting too much pressure on long aspects of the joint to the bone and stretching ligaments that shouldn’t be stretched can cause the body to lay down more calcium in the ligaments. The result is pain, tenderness, swelling, inflammation and difficulty walking.

We Treat Painful Plantar Fasciitis Quickly And Naturally

Having plantar fasciitis is like having a tire blow out. If you just replace the tire and not fix the alignment, the problem may come back. You’re never really getting to the cause of the problem.

We’ll improve the biomechanics of your body by looking at the pelvis and seeing if the lumbar spine is aligned and moving properly. We can then address your plantar fasciitis pain with non-invasive laser treatments. The laser can help reduce pain, swelling and inflammation, and regenerate damaged tissue. Laser therapy offers quick results.

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