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Neck Pain


Chiropractic Neck Pain Treatment at South Bay Wellness Center in San Jose, CA

Neck pain can sneak up on you, start suddenly following an accident and it may come and go or remain persistent. The pain may feel like a dull ache, burning sensation, pressure or a throbbing pain. You may also experience other symptoms along with your neck pain, such as headaches, upper-body weakness or limited neck movement. Our San Jose chiropractor, Dr. Jay Ebadat, and the staff at South Bay Wellness Center treat neck pain from a variety of causes using natural treatments to lessen side effects and restore your overall health. If you are struggling with neck pain and live in the San Jose area, we invite you to South Bay Wellness Center for pain relief. 

Common Neck Pain Causes

Some of the common reasons our clients experience neck pain include:

  • Whiplash from an auto accident - Whiplash typically occurs when your head is quickly thrust forward and backward, which irritates the neck muscles, connective tissues and vertebrae.
  • Text neck from poor posture while working, texting or reading - Neck pain from posture issues may come and go depending on your daily activities. Neck muscles and the vertebrae continue to be strained unless you learn to use proper posture.
  • Muscle tension from stress and muscular imbalances - Stress can be held in your neck and upper back, leading to neck discomfort.
  • Disc concerns such as a herniated or bulging disc - An injured disc interferes with nerve signals.
  • Spinal abnormalities such as scoliosis - An irregular curve in the spine may irritate the nerves in your neck.

Once our chiropractor has identified the source of your pain using a complete evaluation, your chiropractic care plan is developed. The frequency and duration of your care depend on the cause of your neck pain, the ways in which your body responds to treatments and the extent of your neck injury or misalignment.

Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain in San Jose

You find immediate and lasting neck pain relief through chiropractic care. Our neck pain treatment programs are designed to eliminate pain at the source and then to strengthen your neck against future painful episodes. You can learn to prevent neck pain by understanding the importance of proper posture in all your activities including sleeping, watching television, playing sports, working and reading. Being aware of your posture goes a long way toward reducing your neck pain and restoring your neck's mobility. Dr. Ebadat may also suggest services such as chiropractic manipulations, corrective exercises and spinal decompression to ease your discomfort.

Call or Visit our Chiropractor in San Jose for Neck Pain Treatment

Our chiropractic services work together to support a healthy posture, which includes your neck. Once you begin chiropractic care for neck pain, you also discover the overall health benefits of our services, so start your care today by scheduling your consultation. Call us at (408)-244-6555 to schedule an appointment with our experienced chiropractor in San Jose, Dr. Ebadat.

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