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Lifestyle Changes to Improve Sciatica Pain

Studies show that sciatica pain affects about 40% of people in their lifetime. You can also experience this issue more frequently as you age. But what if you could improve your condition with simple lifestyle changes and noninvasive treatments?

At South Bay Wellness Center in San Jose, California, Jay Ebadat, DC, and the rest of our team offer you the highest level of care. We provide professional guidance, recommendations, and conservative, effective methods of treatment to help reduce and even eliminate your sciatica pain.

Let’s look at some ways to reduce your symptoms.

Lifestyle practices 

Be active

We recommend that as your pain subsides, you get your body moving. Activity can strengthen the targeted area and help prevent or reduce the onset of triggers that might bring back your sciatica nerve pain. We suggest low-impact exercises such as water aerobics, yoga, and riding a stationary bike.


Stretching your back can strengthen the muscles around your spine and take pressure off your discs.

Practice good posture

To keep good posture, you should perform exercises that strengthen your core to help reduce back pain.

Apply cold and heat

As soon as you feel pain, put a cold compress on your targeted area. Do this for about 20 minutes several times a day. If you still have pain after a few days, switch over to applying heat with a heating pad or hot pack. If your pain doesn’t go away, use the cold treatment and then the heat, alternating between the two.

Alternative treatments

Chiropractic care

Dr. Ebadat can make the proper adjustments to your back to relieve your pain. His chiropractic care benefits your back by helping it move and function properly.

Massage therapy

Sciatica pain can cause your muscles to be tight. Getting routine massages can loosen them, which can improve your flexibility and movement.

Cold laser therapy

At South Bay Wellness Center, we use noninvasive, cold laser therapy on your sciatica pain, if you qualify. This treatment reduces any inflammation and helps heal your tissues and rejuvenate your joints using low-intensity light.

Spinal compression

We also use spinal compression to stretch out your spine and put it in alignment. This nonsurgical treatment relieves pressure off your discs that act like cushions between your vertebrae.

When you come in for a consultation with our team, we talk to you about all of your options and make recommendations based on the severity of your sciatica pain.

To get a plan that will bring your relief from your sciatica pain, contact us today by calling our office or requesting an appointment online. If you have any questions or concerns, you can also send our team a message by clicking here.

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