Back Pain

Experience Back Pain Relief With our San Jose Chiropractor

Our San Jose chiropractor, Dr. Jay Ebadat, and the health staff at South Bay Wellness Center offer a variety of natural treatments for all types of back pain. If your back pain started suddenly following an auto accident or if it has gradually worsened throughout the years, Dr. Ebadat evaluates your spine health to determine where improvements can be made.

Chiropractor treating patient for back painBack Pain Causes and Treatments in San Jose

The identification of lifestyle factors, work-related causes and genetic concerns, helps our San Jose chiropractor to put together your chiropractic care plan. Our chiropractor provides a complete spinal examination and listens to your symptoms to determine the best approaches for pain relief. If you are feeling pain in your upper, middle or lower back, you may also have other symptoms such as muscle weakness or a tingling sensation in your arms and legs. Common back pain causes include:

  • Injuries- muscle strains from heavy lifting, herniated discs from impact accidents or slip and falls, overuse at work or play
  • Poor posture- core instability or years of sitting, sleeping or standing without spinal alignment
  • Wear and tear- the aging process can strain your discs and muscles as well as repetitive movements at work
  • Activity- while exercise and sports are beneficial for your health, they can also strain the muscles and connective tissues in your back or move your vertebrae out of alignment

Comprehensive Chiropractic Treatment for Back Pain

By searching for the source of your back pain and targeting treatments to this area, Dr. Ebadat alleviates your back pain, improves your spinal health and restores your overall wellness. We want to show you our natural chiropractic treatments to remove all your symptoms and restore your back's flexibility. We may use a variety of treatments to meet individual needs and your plan may include:

  • Chiropractic adjustments to set the spine into a natural, pain-free alignment and reduce pressure off the discs and nerves
  • Cold laser therapy to help repair muscle injuries and ease pain
  • Exercises to enhance your core strength and support a healthy, pain-free posture
  • Lifestyle changes such as restorative ways of sleeping and lifting that will reduce back pain
  • Spinal decompression which is a natural technique to increase the space between the vertebrae so your body can repair herniated and bulging discs
  • Massage therapy to increase circulation and healing to back muscles

Contact our Chiropractor in San Jose for Back Pain Relief

You do not have to spend each day with back pain or worrying that your pain will flare up if you participate in your favorite physical activities. Instead, the health team at South Bay Wellness Center provides natural treatments that work together to reduce back pain and prevent future instances of pain. Start your back pain care today by calling our San Jose chiropractor at (408)-244-6555.


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